My name is Layla, I am a Personal Trainer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and simply love life. 

I am an avid promoter of calisthenics fitness, believing that bodyweight strength is one of the most beautiful and rewarding fitness styles available,  with the added benefit that minimal equipment is required to attain outstanding results.  

For me, health and fitness is not about quick fixes,  it is not about fad diets, 12 week transformational promises, it is about challenging yourself everyday, it is about consistency, applying yourself and not giving up and maybe that is why I love calisthenics so much.

Calisthenics is all about relative strength. It feels awesome to be able to lift myself over that pull up bar, even if I don’t lift as heavy weights as many people.  

The training I offer is all about feeling stronger, having more energy, learning to do things you didn’t think you ever could and of course feeling great.  It is about having a fitness family that helps  you to achieve and doesn’t put others down.   It is about making fitness enjoyable, so no matter where you are on your fitness journey, you enjoy it, just as much as you enjoy any other hobby.

I believe that if you enjoy what you do,  you do it more, therefore you are consistent with your training. If it becomes part of your life you tend to eat healthier.  If you are consistent and you eat well and you have weight to lose, it will happen.

Personally I train to get the most out of life.  I want to be fit, strong, happy and do awesome things.   Each day I feel is a new day to be the best you can be and that is the attitude I encourage in everyone who trains with me, be it in one of my classes, group training or one to one. Today is your day. 

My major passion is training women in calisthenics, (bodyweight training) but I refuse to simplify it to just body weight training. Calisthenics means beautiful strength.  So put simply ” I train women how to achieve beautiful strength”, I train people who not only want to change but are ready to change, no excuses, they are ready, “no more ifs or jiggly butts”. 

If you have ever thought, I would love to do that, but dare not walk into a class because everybody will look at me, they will be younger than me, they will judge me, I am too fat, too old, too unfit, too weak,  then my classes and my training are for you. Do not fall in to the trap of thinking only the fit workout, the fit are fit because they workout. The people who attend are encouraging, friendly, funny and supportive but yes they work hard and they are at all different levels.  The thing they have in common is they give 100%.

If you can’t face walking into a class or a gym, then my Personal Training may be the answer for you.  It takes place in a home away from home, you have access to pull up bars, weights and privacy for your training.

I am proud to say I was calisthenic trained and certified in the UK by none other than Al and Danny Kavaldo, two of the most knowledgable and experienced calisthenic guys in the world.

If you are interested in working with me come and join me at any of my Newcastle classes or contact: