Personal Training

Is the Personal Training you offer right for me?


Are you tired of jumping from diet to diet? Exercise class to exercise class?  Do you feel like you have tried them all before?  Literally from Atkins to The Zone Diet and Aerobics to Zumba without seeing any real changes in your body or self confidence?

Have you had good results with group classes but feel that you have hit a bit of a stale mate?

Do you struggle with self discipline and would benefit from your own cheerleadersomeone who will help motivate you, who you are accountable to but who will also challenge you?

Are you a busy woman, balancing a career with many other responsibilities and wished you had access to an effective way to work out that produced results without spending hours in the gym?

You sound perfect for Personal Training.  

Read on for more information or see my prices.  


Why choose me as your Personal Trainer?


LaylaJFitness personal training is about improving your confidence, feeling stronger, more energetic and happier.  It is for busy women who are keen to exercise and change their lives for the better but need someone to take the guess work out of training, keep you company, motivate you on your journey and who you can be accountable to.


I already work with many women professionals including doctors, nurses, teachers, and managers and understand how busy and full their lives are. I create programmes that fit into their lives. I provide nutritional guidance and exercise programmes to women who are not looking for the next faddy diet, or promise of a quick fix but who want to focus on long term health, happiness and increased self esteem.


I will support you in a positive way.  I love my job because I help to make a difference to women who have issues with self confidence, who would like to be happier, healthier, fitter and stronger.  It is not my job to stand and shout at you to do just one more rep, it is my job to set you up for success with a plan that is challenging, but achievable and progress you when you are ready.  It is my job to help you perform quality exercises so you create a strong foundation. This way you are setting yourself up to succeed for life.


I want to inspire you. I want you to enjoy working out. I want to be the friendly face you look forward to seeing. I will not put you down or shout at you to work harder. I take the time to get to know each and everyone of my clients. What works well for you, what you enjoy and what you don’t like. My clients have fun and often we become very good friends.  I am all about building you up, supporting you through tough times and making you laugh. Life is about enjoyment, not putting yourself down. Yes, it is a rollercoaster but there is nothing to say we can’t enjoy the ride. As one of my clients said “you have transformed my life with your humour, happiness and good nature”. 


Helping women improve their self confidence, reach their goals and become happier is the best part of my job, it is what gives me passion, energy and a big smile.  I wish I could help everyone but like you I am also very busy with work, family, friends, fitness classes, my personal clients and prioritising my own fitness and health.  I treasure my time and don’t want to waste a moment.  I value your time and want to give you quality training. Quality and Quantity are not the same thing so because of this I am selective about who I work with.  I limit the number of clients I train as I want to be able to fully support you over the obstacles you may encounter.  Potential clients must apply to work with me.  My clients are amazing. They make healthy eating and drinking habits a priority, they make training fun and they balance this with busy lives.  My exercise and nutrition programmes work, but only if you do.  If you would like to apply, contact me for an application form.


What happens in Personal Training?

I help you, I not only provide a programme for you but I help you to believe in yourself and your abilities. I help you to understand the choices you make and what impact they have on your life.  I provide you with accountability and not just in the training session.  I help you to organise your time so that you can fit training into your life.  In addition I put you in contact with a community of people who help to motivate each other and keep each other on track.


I want you to succeed which means that your personal training session will be unique to you based on your goals, current level of ability and fitness level. The following is also included in with your sessions.

Nutritional Guidance

Individual Exercise Programme including homework

Private check in support via WhatsApp or Email

Private Facebook Group support.

How much does this cost?