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Healthy Lifestyle

It’s now not a diet to me it’s just food and a healthy lifestyle.

Stephanie Henderson

Hi there my name is Stephanie Henderson and I am one of Laylas warriors.

I started training with Layla way back in August, I met with her first and we discussed what my goals were. I am an A&E doctor and decided it was about time I learnt to practise what I preach.  Initially thoughts like I want to lose weight but mainly things like I want to become fitter, stronger and I want to change my mental attitude towards fitness we set up some other specific goals like being able to plank for 1 minute and keeping me in my scrubs to avoid embarrassment at work it is one of the best decisions I have ever made working with LaylaJFitness we started with some clean eating, basically taking my diet and removing things like processed foods and hidden sugars which opened up a magic world like smoothies and fruit and vegetables, some of the which I already knew about but some of which I never realised could be used as a day to day food basis.  We then also started our Personal Training Sessions focusing on cardiovascular fitness.  I couldn’t run for 2 minutes before I met Layla and looking at things like strength, I couldn’t squat to save my life.  Now almost 3 and half months later I can run 5 miles at a comfortable pace and I can squat right down until my bottom almost hits the ground.  It’s the best decision I have ever made not only has she become one of my friends she has helped guide me through my ups and downs and keep me on the straight and narrow and my happy healthy past.  Yes my clothes do fit me better but one of the big things my family and friends have noticed is how much I have changed not just in my body but in my skin, my mental attitude my happiness and that I am an overall healthier person and that is all down to LaylaJFitness. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made and I can’t wait to see where I am a year ago from where I started.  We had other goals in mind as my brother is getting married and I wanted to fit into a bridesmaid dress so far I am now 2 sizes to small for my original bridesmaid dress and keeping going.  I think if you have any struggles like I did or a mental struggle towards fitness and diet LaylaJFitness is the way forward. It’s now not a diet to me, it’s just food and a healthy lifestyle. I love every minute, I love feeling my body get stronger, I love being able to move, calisthenics training being able to do handstands against the wall, but also just been able to feel my body get stronger, my muscles tone and just feel happy and healthy everyday.  I could never thank her enough.  It’s one of the best things I have ever done.

If you would like to know more just contact me