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Project testimonial

The greatest form of flattery I can receive is a referral.

Layla Osselton
The greatest form of flattery I can receive is a referral.  A referral means you are happy with me, you are getting results, you are enjoying the work you are putting in and you love our group.  It simply means that I am doing a great job, a job so good that you want to share it with the world.

As a thank you for referring me I have launched a referral programme which is open to all LaylaJFitness princesses, warriors, and warrior princesses.

For every referral you make that books onto the LaylaJFitness Beginner Boxercise 6 week special you will be rewarded with 4 free weeks of Boxercise or a PT session. You choose.

As soon as your friend pays for and attends the course.
The more the merrier.  There is no limit to this offer.

Exclusive competitions throughout the year.

Refer a friend rewards.

Private Facebook group where members help and encourage each other on their journey.

Personal Training Special Packages.


From 21st January 2016 to 21st February 2016, LaylaJFitness will be running a competition for existing Boxercise members.

Your challenge should you choose to accept is to collect as many raffle tickets as possible. The more you collect the more chance you have of winning.

What do you win? I hear you ask.

If you are the lucky one, you will win a Daily Greatness Journal and a LaylaJFitness top.

How do I get my tickets?

Easy, keep doing what you already do and a smidgen more if you want to. Here is the breakdown:

1 Raffle Ticket for each LaylaJFitness Metafit class you attend.

2 Raffle Tickets when you submit a workout photo to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #beautifulstrength and tag LaylaJFitness.

2 Raffle tickets when you submit a photo of your healthy tea and a brief method and ingredients. (private members group only)

2 Raffle tickets for each time you check into class.

3 Raffle tickets for each Boxercise Class you attend.

5 Raffle tickets for each PT session you attend.

6 Raffle tickets for each new friend you bring along to Boxercise. (They also get the first class free)

The more raffle tickets you collect the more chance you have of winning.

January Prize: The Daily Greatness Journal- helping you to set up for a fantastic year and a very special LaylaJFitness top.

Terms and Conditions apply: you must be a member of LaylaJFitness and attend Boxercise on a Thursday evening to be eligible to enter.