Do you suffer from a bad case of the Yeah Buts ?

Feb 14th, 2016

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Do you suffer from a bad case of the Yeah Buts ?

I encounter cases of the Yeah Buts on a regular basis as a Personal Trainer and indeed on my own fitness journey.

The majority of us start a new training programme with a huge amount of enthusiasm. This is your time.  You are going to change the way you live.  Change the way you look. You are going to have more energy, more confidence and enjoy life more.
And we start.
We love the new diet, we feel healthier, we have an abundance of energy, our skin is looking so much nicer and we are loosing weight.  We feel great.
Then it happens!
A few weeks to a few months in, The Yeah Buts strike. 
You turn up to training, but you don’t quite have the same spark in your eye.
As a trainer when I see this I always ask ‘are you ok’:
Quite often I hear
Yeah, but..
I didn’t get a chance to do my training this week.
I was out with work and I ended up eating more than I should have
I went out and I had a few glasses of wine, but they weren’t big ones, well not as big as I would normally have.
I have had a really rough week and I haven’t had time to eat properly.
I didn’t get chance to do the shopping so ended up eating whatever was in the house.
Monday went really wrong, and I couldn’t get back on track the rest of the week
She feels like giving in. 
She is not sure if it is worth it.
and I feel gutted.
Why, because she has forgotten to give herself credit for how far she has come. She has forgotten
That when she eats well and trains she actually feels happier.
She has forgotten that feeling of euphoria when her skin improved
She got forgotten her little celebratory dance after achieving her first press up
She has forgotten her achievements
Her first mile
Her first class
When she lost her first dress size.
She has forgotten to make use of all the support offered to her.
Like my clients I love that buzz as well. We have had many celebratory dances and high fives.
I don’t want her to quit, because I am so proud of her and what she has achieved. So I have a chat with her.
The Truth About Changing your Lifestyle 
I explain to her that it takes time to change your body and your mind.  ( We live in a world where we want everything quickly, you can get fast food, super fast broadband, same day delivery and we want abs in 7 days. A pull up in a week. To be 3 dress sizes smaller in two. Now this is unrealistic if you want these things, you best start now).
I remind her that she is new to all of this and that old habits are going to take a little while longer to break.
I remind her where she has come from in a short period of time and what she can achieve if she just takes things a day at a time.
I tell her that having one bad day does not mean she is a failure.
I am honest with her and remind her that many bad days lead to failure so now is the time to re-focus.
I also remind her that she wanted to get away from the yo-yo weight loss life, so don’t quit.  Stay away from it.  This is your life now.
But the most important message I tell her is
Don’t give up. You have a choice. Choose to stick at it and choose to ask for help when you are struggling. 

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